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Welcome to the new Orages d’acier website !

Entirely dedicated to Great War militaria!

MIND ! Depending on the number of objects, a category can extend over several pages (indicated to the right of page ‘Page 1 of X’)

In spite and because of a large demand, I’m unable to receive want-lists, and can not send messages on a personal basis if certain items come up, a regular visit is thus recommended. I wish you much pleasure and finds on my website and hope till soon!

I’m always interested in purchasing Great War militaria, at best prices or in exchange. Drop me line, I respond to all propositions.

I’m also looking for all items concerning the Füsilier Regiment Nr.73 from Hannover (equipment, uniforms, photos, paperwork etc.). Numerous pieces available for swap.

email adress:               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.