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Welcome to the Orages d’acier web-site ! 
I’m pleased in offering you a selection of authentic WW 1 militaria and paraphernalia. 


After years of research, I'd like to present to you my book on Ernst Jünger and the Great War. In this book, I've tried to place the actions and events described by Jünger in his work 'In Stahlgewittern' (Storms of steel) in their military and historical context. Every chapter deals with the corresponding chaper in Jüngers book and has been split up into 2 parts. The first part describes in detail the events and actions from a historical viewpoint: to what purpose the author and his brothers in arms of the 73rd Füsilier Regiment were there, what role did they play? Who were their adversaries? To what extend Storms of Steel is historically correct? The second part gives a description of the terrain in its actual condition, which helps to visualize the events described and could be used as a battlefield-guide. This book, for the moment only available in french, contains 160 pages in A4-format and over 250 illustrations: 110 color photos amongst which recreations of some of the uniforms worn by Jünger, 120 BW photos most of which haven't been published before and 20 color maps. This book is an auto-publication and has been printed in 500 exemples only. Also see the 'german militaria-section' for more info.

René Senteur

I'm looking for any item related to the Füsilier Regiment No.73 (Hannover) (equipments, uniforms, photos, documents etc). Purchase at highest price, exchange also possible

Orages d'acier

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